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Emergency Spills  in  Roanoke, Salem,  Blacksburg, Lynchburg and sw virginia

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A regularly scheduled sweeping program can actually prolong the life of your pavement and paint striping, thereby delaying costly resurfacing expenses. Sand, rock and debris act as an abrasive. Removing this material on a regular basis assists in preventing potholes, cracking and adding service life to pavement striping.   We also removed soiled areas, spills and stains with scrubbing in highly trafficed areas. 

Sweeping Benefits:

                                                                                             #1 Good Impression of Your Business  
Sweeping makes a good impression on your customers and helps keep your interior spaces free from tracked in grit and other dirt. Keeping all outside areas clean and properly maintained is becoming increasingly recognized as an important element of successful business property management.

                                        Seeing is Believing !

Parking lot sweeping includes all paved areas, parking lots, driveways, delivery drives, and loading docks.  Our professionals return any displaced landscaping to planters.  A back pack blower is used in additiona to a sweeper for the removal of debris to sidewalks, corners, curbs behind wheel blocks and anywhere else that a sweeper can not access.   Call for a Free Estimate.   540-772-8887      One of our trained professionals will meet with you to understand your needs and then cover the benefits of our complete property maintenace programs.

Parking Lot and Road Cleaning
Parking Lot and Road Cleaning