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Historic Building Pressure Washing in Salem, Roanoke, Lynchburg or Blacksburg

Our cleaning for historic buildings will treat them gently.
At Hot Shot Pressure Washing we offer historic  renovation, specializing in exterior façade cleaning and exterior lead paint removal, waste water recovery and disposal. We cover the state of Virginia and are EPA Certified.
Motorized façade renovations – utilizing Harken motorized chair. 
Historic building cleaning is quite important for your space because the buildings were not made to be pressure washed. We cannot blast your space as much as we could for more modern buildings, and we must ensure that we have chosen the proper speed or pressure for our water jets to do the job properly without causing harm.
We want to clean the facility properly, and we do not wish to waste your time. We will assess the space to help you learn how it should be cleaned, and we will not use anything that is too harsh.
Cleaning historic buildings is a careful science that we are refining every day to improve your space. We want you to be pleased with the work we have done, and we wish to show you a number of different options that will keep your building clean.
We will ensure that the building looks its best when we are done, and we will not stop cleaning until you have a perfect facade that you have been waiting for. We know that historic buildings must be treated with kid gloves, and we will do just that when we come to see you.
Our cleaning crews are quite careful when they go to work, and we will help you prevent the future build-up on your structure that happens when you are afraid to clean it. We will clean the building as fast as possible, and we will schedule cleanings at your convenience.
There are several different parts of your building that must be checked while cleaning, and we will not use any harsh techniques on any portion of the building, no matter where it is.

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Historic Building Pressure Washing
Historic Building Pressure Washing
Historic Building Pressure Washing